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Non Sparking Socket 1/2
Non Sparking Socket 1/2

Non Sparking Socket 1/2

Non sparking speed handle 1/2-3/4 Explosion-proof curved handle wrenches The speed handle is used together with explosion-proof socket head. Product Size No. Item Size Length(mm) Al-cu(g) Be-cu(g) 2039-101 Socket offset h..
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The non sparking socket is composed of a plurality of sleeve with six corners or twelve corners, and is provided with a handle, a connecting rod, and other accessories.

The bolt or nut which is especially suitable for the position of a very narrow or depressed position.

Hardnessaluminum-bronze(25HRC), beryllium-bronze(35HRC)
Tensile strengthaluminum-bronze(75-85kgf/mm) beryllium-bronze(105-120kgf/mm.)

Product Size

2032-101Socket 1/2"square6mm38
2032-102Socket 1/2"square7mm38
2032-103Socket 1/2"square8mm38
2032-104Socket 1/2"square9mm40
2032-105Socket 1/2"square10mm40
2032-106Socket 1/2"square11mm40
2032-107Socket 1/2"square12mm40
2032-108Socket 1/2"square13mm40
2032-109Socket 1/2"square14mm40
2032-110Socket 1/2"square15mm40
2032-111Socket 1/2"square16mm40
2032-112Socket 1/2"square17mm40
2032-113Socket 1/2"square18mm42
2032-114Socket 1/2"square19mm42
2032-115Socket 1/2"square20mm42
2032-116Socket 1/2"square21mm43
2032-117Socket 1/2"square22mm43
2032-118Socket 1/2"square23mm43
2032-119Socket 1/2"square24mm43
2032-120Socket 1/2"square25mm43
2032-121Socket 1/2"square26mm43
2032-122Socket 1/2"square27mm46
2032-123Socket 1/2"square28mm46
2032-124Socket 1/2"square29mm46
2032-125Socket 1/2"square30mm46
2032-126Socket 1/2"square32mm46