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It takes us a long time to think about how to produce the better products, including how to measure the effectiveness of our work, and to make sure that we're not just thinking about the things that are most likely to be measured, such as defects. In addition to a product to do "no loophole", obviously also need other attributes to become a high quality products!
We independently research and develop various molds for forgings, stampings and castings.
The molds are mainly produced by the 3-axis CNC machining center and CNC machine tools.
The machining center is producing the molds for double-ended ring spanners.
The dust removal system ensures that the dust emission meets environmental protection regulations.
The 200kg electric furnace melts the copper.
Copper workblank after demolding
The workpiece is ready for water cooling after high temperature casting.
The copper workblank after high-temperature processing at 880 degrees.
The air hammer carries out the forging and stamping.
45 steel workblanks are continuously being forged.
Cangzhou Dean Safety & Special Type Tools Producing Co.,Ltd is one of the fastest growing Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers, and Suppliers of Non Sparking Safety Tools and other hand tools. We have been offering our products to petroleum, chemical & other industries in whole of China and rest of the world since 2003.
This marked the beginning of DEAN Safety Tools. The unmatched strength and durability of the aluminum bronze tools won quick acceptance in industrial markets. Our safety tools mainly made from aluminum bronze and beryllium bronze material to producing. Today, most of our safety tools are manufactured in China. Dean Safety Tools continues our commitment to you with the highest quality safety tools and servic.